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marco magagnotti

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Marco Magagnotti, has an extensive experience in different management roles in a wide range of sectors: Retail, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Fashion, Financial & Banking. He has successfully performed various activities in the management of Business Unit and in the Sales and Marketing Departments of multinationals and enterprise groups.

In his professional experience he has developed projects in the Human Resources Area with responsibility for organizational development and training. He worked as Manager in the BNP Paribas Group in New Business Development and Digital Marketing development.

Graduated in Economics with Business and Marketing specialization from the University of Verona, then he obtained a master Executive MBA at CUOA School of Management in Vicenza.

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Dotto ReSearch was established in Pordenone in 1985 by Giovanna Dotto, in the belief that human resources are the success enablers of any organization through their skills and commitment. It is now one of the top independent Executive Search companies in Italy and the indisputable leader in the Northeast.

At Dotto ReSearch we believe that the key to winning the game lies in having the right players: daring leaders who look to the future, set ambitious goals for themselves and develop innovative and effective strategies and game plans; men and women of value, who believe in their abilities and are motivated to put them at the service of a shared objective.

Since 1985 we have supported companies in their search for the best human resources for their organizations, displaying skill, passion, tenacity, precision, discretion and confidentiality. But more importantly we have been close to our Candidates, whom we follow, assist and advise in their career development.

We have helped many Italian companies to grow internationally as well as many foreign multinational companies to strengthen their presence in Italy.

Moreover, our original industrial imprinting has been enhanced by experience in the many other sectors in which we have worked over the years: Services, Finance & Banking, Consumer Goods, Retail, Information Technology, Real Estate, Insurance, Hotel Industry, Private Equity and Public Administration.

But the values and principles on which we have always based our work and the dedication we have put in it in the name of our Clients and Candidates are always the same.

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